As the investigation continues into the deadly shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, more details on the shooter's website are surfacing.

James von Brunn is featured on a web site called, and the site several times mentions von Brunn's book called "Kill the Best Gentiles." The book is considered on the site as "a new, hard-hitting expose of the Jew conspiracy to destroy the white gene pool".

The domain name of the site is registered to a man named Steve Reimink, who lives in Grand Haven Township in Ottawa County.

FOX 17 went out to the home Wednesday afternoon and spoke to a Reimink's girlfriend. She said she had no knowledge of the website's existence.

The Web site was taken down Wednesday.

Reimink has not responded to phone messages and e-mails.

His girlfriend Patti Thompson seemed caught off guard by the news. She had no idea why Reimink would be connected to that website.

The hate watch group, The Southern Poverty Law Center, says they've been tracking von Bronn for years.

They say the website was registered to von Bronn as recently as 2006, but must have been switched over.

They also pointed out Reimink's registered e-mail address,

Those numbers are familiar to watch-dog groups. if you Google 1488, Nazi several sites imply the numbers significance.

Fourteen, for the 14 words of the late neo Nazi David Lane, "We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children."

Eighty-eight means the 8th letter of the alphabet, HH for "Heil Hitler."

Reimink's brother Timothy in Jenison said Steve claims to know nothing about von Brunn's actions.

A friend of Reimink says the connection to von Brunn seems way out of character.

A museum guard was killed Wednesday at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. James W. von Brunn, 88, has been charged with murder in the shooting.

Steve's father and boss at Computers and More in Holland declined to answer questions about Reimink's involvement with the website.