A popular Mexican restaurant in Holland reopened Thursday, after voluntarily shutting down due to an outbreak of Norovirus.

More than 200 people got sick after eating at Margarita's last weekend. Owner Alonzo Salinas said it was important to keep customers informed of what was going on.

“(We) need to regain trust especially those involved specifically with the illness.”

The restaurant is celebrating 18 years in business this week. Salinas says he’ll be working even harder now.

The restaurant owner voluntarily closed his doors last weekend, after the reports of sickness started to roll in. The Ottawa County Health Department later determined the cause to be Norovirus.

“It was a total of five days. It wasn`t a tremendous loss but it did fall on a weekend,” said Salinas.  “We depend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We’ll recover from it.  We’ll make it through.”

The doors opened for breakfast at 10 a.m. Thursday.  As expected, business was a little slow. One customer came in just to express his support for the family.  He was actually one of those who became sick.  

During the weekend, Salinas called in crews to give the place a deep clean. All the while making sure the community knew what was going on. 

“(I’m) proud to make a name in this community,” says Salinas “(It’s) critical to keep people at bay with what was going on with our day to day progress.”

While it’s been humbling, Salinas says it’s just part of maintaining his family’s reputation.  The food speaks for itself -- Robert Gutierrez has been a loyal customer for 12 years.

“I eat here three times a week,” Gutierrez told FOX 17.

Gutierrez was at Margarita’s when the illness was reported.

“I was here Saturday when it closed. I was upset. They actually locked the doors behind me,” the loyal patron told FOX 17. “Now that they’re open, I’ll bring my family back here.”

Salinas has apologized, and says he’s happy he now knows what caused the sickness. However, as to where the virus came from, that has yet to be determined.