After a traffic crash that revealed a bloody mattress, a gun, and the disappearance of two men, new evidence is emerging that could link person-of-interest Harold Ordway to the crimes.

Ordway is considered a person of interest in the disappearance of 33-year-old Michael VanBuskirk, whose body was found in October, and 53-year-old Paul Achtley, who is still missing.

On Thursday, Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf told FOX 17 that the blood found on the mattress in the back of Ordway's truck is a DNA match to that of Atchley. Additionally, blood discovered on Ordway's clothing, and the gun recovered from the truck all match DNA samples taken from an article of Achtley's clothing. Leaf says they still don't have enough to charge Ordway with killing anyone. He remains in jail on a weapons charge stemming from the original incident.

Atchley and Vanbuskirk were said to be staying with Ordway when they disappeared.

Also discovered after the crash was a .22 rifle, which matches the description of one taken from Ordway's parents' house, along with 6 .22 bullets in Ordway's pocket.

Ordway was taken into custody for being a felon in possession of a firearm after the crash.

In addition, at the scene of the crash, investigators testified they found Achtley's wallet, glasses and a red cap that they were told the man wore every day.

Achtley, who was said to be transient, allegedly slept in the back of Ordway's truck on occasion. According to Ordway's parents, the truck was parked at their house the night before the crash while Achtley slept in the back. Police recovered a .22 shell casing from the driveway.

Ordway is scheduled to undergo a second mental evaluation before the case can move forward on the gun possession charge.