The city of Grand Rapids has become pretty high-tech over the past few years. But now city leaders are hoping to move warp speed ahead.

Thousands of people are coming together to try to bring Google's new broadband network to West Michigan. It's a move that could affect how fast your internet operates.

People packed inside Urban Mills coffee house in Grand Rapids Wednesday night to come up with creative ways to lure the internet giant to Grand Rapids.

Last month, Google announced they're looking for cities to become test markets for the new high speed service. The service runs a hundred times faster than your typical internet speeds.

The company's calling it an "experiment" and they're encouraging cities to apply for the service. There are a lot of requirements for the city to become a test market, including community support.

Over the past few weeks, more than thirteen thousand people have took park in an underground movement on the web. Everyday people in Grand Rapids have created a Facebook page, a website and web groups to market the city to the internet giant.

The applications are due in a few weeks.

The new high speed service could be a benefit to city workers, the medical industry, schools, you name it.

"We'll be able to have a competitive advantage over the rest of the country and actually retain that talent that's graduating from the schools and significantly help the health care and the different technology segments," said Pete Brand, a local businessman.

Grand Rapids isn't the only city trying to get the service. Kalamazoo's working on an application, along with cities like Burlington Vermont, Topeka Kansas, and Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Google hasn't said whether they'll pick one test market or a few test markets. We'll have to wait to find out.