Last week, FOX 17 News told you about the Holy Spirit Church Haiti Program. Their annual medical mission was planned for January 21st, but the devastation caused by the earthquake made it more important than ever. Now, the trip is in jeopardy because American Airlines has stopped flights into Haiti. The group's only hope is a charter flight.

Tim Ryan of Grand Rapids was planning to take a medical team to help the people of Haiti. "Our team has one surgeon, one anesthesiologist, six doctors, six RN's, and five support staff," Ryan told FOX 17. "We need your help! This team is well supplied, has a place to stay, a clinic to work from, ground support, and will save hundreds of lives."

The group wants to charter a plane from Miami to Port-au-Prince this week. The total cost will be $28,000 for a round trip flight. If you would like to help pay for the charter flight, go to to donate.