Governor Jennifer Granholm gave her eighth and final State of the State Address in front of a joint session in Lansing Wednesday night.

Her address focused on her final push to create jobs and stimulate the economy. But she didn't give a lot of specific details on how to fund her ideas or trim the state's 1.7 billion dollar budget deficit. Those details will be released when she gives her budget plan next Thursday.

She was very emotional during her address, looking back over her seven years in office. Most of her speech focused on the economy and bringing jobs into the state.

"What she said is what the democrats and republicans have been saying, jobs, jobs, jobs," said Representative Roy Schmidt of Grand Rapids. "I was so impressed that it was all about jobs, " he said.

However, the Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop wasn't so impressed.

"I didn't gather much from the speech, there wasn't much to grab onto," said Senator Bishop. "Everyone in the room was ready for a vision and a plan and we just didn't hear it tonight, it was more of a goodbye speech," he said.

The governor also said she would like to spend more money in three areas. First, she wants to continue funding for the national Pure Michigan Ad Campaign to bring in tourists. Second, she wants to spend more money to fix roads that would be matched with federal stimulus dollars. Plus, she wants to find money to reinstate the Michigan Promise Scholarships.

Both republicans and democrats like the ideas, but most republicans say they see no way for the Governor to put her changes into effect without raising taxes.

"What I heard was the cash tiller going off all night because we have to spend money to do the things she was talking about," said Senator Mark Jansen. "With what I heard tonight, she's got to have an idea for new revenues and I don't see that happening in the Senate personally," he said.