A few locations in West Michigan saw the first small dose of winter early Friday morning.

A line of scattered showers gradually worked its way onshore from Lake Michigan between 7:00 and 9:00 A.M.  At that time, temperatures were around the freezing mark for most of West Michigan.

Most of the precipitation fell as rain at the immediate lakeshore, but some FOX 17 viewers in Muskegon, Oceana, and Newaygo counties reported seeing snow or a rain/snow mix as the showers moved inland.

Ken Berglund posted on Facebook, "Snowing here in Muskegon at 8:23 A.M."

"There is a little bit of a mix in Montague right now," added Bill Kody. "As I was driving, the sounds of the heavier slushy rain was making me pay attention to the road just a little more."

Also, the official National Weather Service observations at the airports in Ludington and South Haven both briefly showed "mixed precipitation."

The photo above was sent by Deb Howatt of Twin Lake, who said, "Just going out to feed my horses... this is what I found."

While showers will contain almost exclusively rain for the rest of the day, some of the heavier showers may have some isolated thunder and lightning or possibly some small hail, much like was reported in a few locations Thursday.

You can check out interactive radar for West Michigan and the latest forecast by clicking over to the FOX 17 Weather page.