With an increasing murder rate, the people of Detroit are now speaking out against violence in their city.

And they're using coffins to get their point across.

This weekend a motorcade or more than 20 hearses will drive through the city as part of the "Thou Shall Not Kill" campaign.

At least 16-funeral homes will be participating and traveling through some of Detroit’s most violent neighbors.

It's all in an effort to reduce crime in the city, and to keep residents safe.

“All of this teenage killing and violence, streets your afraid to be on, neighborhoods and afraid to come back home. But to so many of them had so much promise they could have offered so much to the community and their family,” said O’Neil Swanson, Swanson Funeral Home. “Just senseless deaths.”

Aside from the funeral homes, several elected officials and people who have lost loved ones in the violence are taking part.

In 2011, the city of Detroit had 344 murders, 40 more than last 2010.