The small community of Fruitport Township is dealing with a string of burglaries.

They’re happening in broad daylight.

One of the victims has survived worse, including brain surgeries and a stroke, but he and his wife lost a lot this week.

"Let's go with the word 'brazen'," said Dan Scraver, describing the thief or thieves that broke into home. He also lives off of a busy road.

Tuesday, the crook or crooks welcomed themselves in through his back door.

"They knocked this whole panel off. I didn't have the deadbolt in but this whole thing was laying on the kitchen floor. The door was wide open," he illustrated.

No one was home. Scraver said his wife just happened to be away in Freemont that day. So he said the crook took free reign and hit just about every corner of his house.

"I had a 42 inch flat screen TV here. It's only about four months old, and it was gone, the first thing I noticed,” he pointed out in the living room. A much smaller, older TV now sits in its place.

He showed FOX 17 the bathroom cabinet. "As you can tell there's a lot of medication, but uh, but there was only some Norco,” he said.

Not satisfied, the thief went after more of his wife's medication in the couple's bedroom. "And a bunch of her jewelry boxes was laying over the floor here,” he pointed.

They also got away with her laptop. "And that's got a lot of personal information in there. We're more worried about that than anything else,” he explained.

Scraver isn't alone. The Fruitport Township Police say three homes have been burglarized within one week in this small community.

When Scraver went to give his neighbors the heads up, he found out they'd already become victims themselves.

"The lady told me that her car got broken. She lives down the road on Walker and her car got hit last week,” he said.

The man who lives "told me his boat got hit about a year ago." Scraver, who's had 8 brain surgeries and a stroke, says this doesn't compare to that. The important thing is no one got hurt.

At the same time, he says the total disregard and disrespect needs to stop. "You know we feel pretty violated, you know, they're material things, but they're out there and they're still doing it,” he said.

Scraver said he noticed one of his neighbors had a German shepherd after the burglary. “I sure wish I had one of those,” he said.

“Not everyone's gonna buy a dog, but we got to watch out for each other. Cause there's some bad people out there. We got to take care of each other. That's the only way we're going to catch these guys,” he urged.

Anyone with information about the breaks ins is asked to call Silent Observer at 231-72-CRIME.