Three months after Rodrick Dantzler shot and killed seven people and himself, the Grand Rapids Police Department released the results of their investigation, including audio and video recordings.

Tuesday, a comprehensive packet of information and video from the investigation was released to the media via the Freedom of Information Act, about three months after the incident.

The shooting spree took place on July 7, and investigators have been studying the events and law enforcement response that day.

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Kent County Prosecutor Bill Forsyth and Grand Rapids Police Chief Kevn Belk noted the bravery of officers while trying to explain the reasoning behind a July shooting rampage that left seven dead.

“Officers did a remarkable job in trying to stop him,” said Belk, considering the efforts of his officers, even after they knew that Roderick Danztler had taken several lives that day.

The report shows that Dantzler, 34, acted alone when he killed his estanged wife, Jennifer Heeren, and their 12-year-old daughter, Kamrie, plus Heeren's parents, Thomas and Rebecca Heeren, ex-girlfriend Kimberlee Emkens, her sister, Amanda Emkens, and Amanda's 10-year-old daughter, Marrisa.

Toxicology reports indicate that Danztler had high levels of cocaine and steroids in his body at his time of death.
A letter that Dantzler wrote before the shootings was also released.  The letter, addressed to “Mama,” explains how he felt that his mother-in law was driving a wedge between him and his wife.  Dantzler explains how he is “tired of living with these demons in my head,” and how medication “didn’t help.” 
Still, Forsyth said  a lot of questions remain about why Dantzler killed so many that day.
“No good explanation for why he did what he did,” said Forsyth.
Police would not say how many shots Dantzler fired that day, but said they found an empty 12-shot magazine for his handgun and a 30-shot magazine with only three bullets left.