When Wyoming resident Telly Morisset returned from his home country of Haiti last year after the earthquake, he had an idea. He wanted to send a truck full of items to the people and hospital in his hometown who desperately needed them. However, he had no idea how to do it.

Over the course of the past year, volunteers with Rays of Hope for Haiti gave him about $200,000 in donated items. Everything from medical supplies to hospital beds.

But Telly had no idea how to get them to his home country.

Until Telly, a driver with Metro Cars, picked up a customer to take him to the airport.

"He's a driver for Metro Cars, he came to pick me up, told me his story and that was it, my heart was just stuck with him," said Brad Debruyne.

Brad and Telly are now friends. Brad owns DSA International, a furniture company, and offered to ship all of the items for him for free.

"It was just unbelievable, it was the most generous thing I had ever seen, he didn't know who I was I just drove him once," said Telly.

On Saturday morning, volunteers loaded up a semi truck with about 35,000 tons of items. They'll be taken by train to Miami and then shipped to Haiti. They're expected to arrive around April 21st.

Plus, Brad is also flying Telly and his wife to Haiti so they can deliver the items himself.