Sheriff Larry Stelma has scheduled a press conference on the current status of the Deanie Peters investigation Thursday. The teen mysteriously vanished nearly 30 years ago.

Deanie Peters disappeared during her brother's wrestling practice at Forest Hills Central Middle School on February 5th, 1981. She was only 14 at the time; an 8th grader. In March 2008, The Kent County Metro Cold Case Team took up the investigation into her disappearance.

In May 2009, investigators teamed up with anthropologists from Michigan State University, and focused on a lot in Ionia County. Crews dug up a lot near the former Potter's School at Potters road and Marble, just a few miles from downtown Lowell, but found nothing. They were hoping to find clues in the disappearance, that has haunted many for nearly three decades.

A spokesman for the Sheriff's Department gave us a few details. Lt. Kevin Kelley says there has not been a big break in the case, and no arrests have been made at this time. We will have a crew at Thursday's news conference, and bring you the latest online and on FOX 17 News.