The 3D likeness of a woman whose remains were found in Ada Township in 1997 will be released Tuesday.

Her identity is still a mystery, but specialists have taken the skull of the woman and reconstructed what she would have looked like.

Back in 2007, FOX 17 News profiled this so-called "Jane Doe" case as a 'West Michigan's Most Wanted."

The body was found at a rest stop along M-21 in Ada Township near Sergeant Road in the summer of 1997. The bones were covered by brush, and police said the remains had been there for a year or longer.

The victim was an African-American woman, between 5'2" and 5'5", between 22 and 30 years old. She had limited access to dental care and had a tooth that was glued back into place. There were no clothes or jewelry at the scene.

The reconstruction done on this case is similar to that done in 2004, when the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department investigated a body that came ashore in Pigeon Lake. That turned out to be a woman from Racine, Wisconsin.