For part of Wednesday night's episode of "American Idol," some viewers got a blank screen or, at best, some music.

What they didn't get, apparently, were the live performances of Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, and Jacob Lusk.

A failure in FOX 17's broadcast chain meant that people who watch the station over the air and on satellite receivers lost part of the show, sparking an avalanche of comments on FOX 17's Facebook page, most of them from unhappy Idol fans.

Viewers who were watching major providers such as Comcast, ATT U-Verse, and Charter saw no interruption.

FOX 17 engineers scrambled to return the station signal to normal status, but three performances were lost for affected viewers.

Many people asked that the entire show be rerun in its entirety, but network agreements don't allow for that and prohibit the rebroadcast of entire American Idol performances.

Here are videos from the Wednesday performances that were missed. Unfortunately, viewers who missed the performances lost out on the voting, too.