Oh, Group Night. How I love the drama.

This is where the real personalities come out, and there's always a diva or two in the crowd!

  • Find a group
  • Pick a song
  • Do choreography
Sometimes it's easy - magic, if you will.

We see Morrea, who made it to Hollywood last year and performed in a group with Danny Gokey. She's hoping that rehearsing in the same spot will bring her group good luck! (Um, you didn't make it last year so how lucky can it be?)

Another group (they all auditioned together in Denver) is having trouble deciding on a song. There is also debate in another group about letting in two more girls. (Note to future contestants: if you make to group night, try to get as many guys in your group as possible. This will cut down on the drama.)

Some Groups are rehearsing, while "The Dreamer" tries to get their group together. (Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" is one of the songs!)

Oh, everyone is SO jealous of one group, that they have to keep moving spots! They sing too loud, so another group sings EVEN LOUDER! Then they STEAL THEIR MOVES! Meanwhile, Hollywood veteran Morrea says they have to harmonize!

Mary is bossing her group around! There is tension everywhere as the clock ticks away.

2:30 am

Let's check in with Big Mike, whose wife went into labor right as he took the stage early this afternoon. Still no baby!

The Dreamers waste more time fighting, and vocal coach Michael Orland isn't too happy with Mary's attitude. Let's go to bed, people! Fatigue and frustration is taking over!

***COMMERCIAL BREAK, and seriously -- I need one of those chocolate donuts***

Back at the Kodak Theatre: the contestants are running on nerves and very little sleep as they get ready to perform in their groups. Final dress rehearsals, and things start falling apart. (OK -- I officially don't like Mary.)