It's been nearly five years since a young couple was found shot while they camped on a California beach: Jason Allen, 26, a camp counselor from Ottawa County, and his fiance, Lindsay Cutshall, 23.

Police say a 'person of interest' in their murders has been shot and killed by police in New Mexico. Jason's mother, Delores Allen, told FOX 17 News, "It's only half of the mystery to know if he did it or not; the other half is, of course, why he did it, and where did he meet up with our kids, and what drove him."

Delores and Bob Allen may never get those answers. Last week, police tried to arrest a man known as the 'Cookie Bandit.' Officers moved in as he was breaking into a cabin in New Mexico. Police say 62-year old Joseph Burgess opened fire on two officers, killing Sgt. Joe Harris before being killed by police.

Burgess was a drifter; born in New Jersey, but during the Vietnam War he left for Canada to avoid the draft.

Police believe that in 1972 Burgess found a young couple snuggling together on a Vancouver beach and killed them. Investigators call Burgess a religious fanatic and say he felt the couple was sinning.

"God says vengence is mine, he doesn't ask anybody to take vengence; he's a big enough God he can take care of it on his own he doesn't need anyone to do it for him," Jason's father, Bob, said.

Though the 1972 crime is eerily similar to the murders of Jason and Lindsay, the Allens are not convinced Burgess committed the 2004 crimes. "We would like to have closure, but we want the truth; we want to know for sure," Delores said.

In California, Sonoma County Detective Matt McCaffrey says that since last week's shooting, police have begun to look at several other murders in the Southwest that appear similar. He says they found DNA near Jason and Lindsay in Sonoma County; DNA that is now being tested against that of Burgess.