A mother of three facing deportation has been granted a reprieve after a protest on her behalf Wednesday morning.

After the Wednesday protest, FOX 17 learned that Victoria Lorenzo-Calmo, an illegal alien living in the Grand Rapids area, has been told she can stay with her children in the United States for another year, while the kids are treated for medical conditions.

Lorenzo-Calmo came to the United States in 2001 from Guatemala, saying that in her native country she was so brutally abused by her ex-husband that she had to abort her first child.  In order to escape the abuse, she then left the country in hopes of finding a better life in the United States.

"She fled out of fear because her ex-husband had threatened to kill her," Immigration Attorney, Brad Thomson said.

After settling in Grand Rapids, Victoria married a man who was also here illegally from Guatemala.  In September he went back to Guatemala, but upon returning to Grand Rapids was deported to his native country. The couple has three children who are U.S. citizens; two of them were born deaf.  While her daughter is now able to hear after surgery and therapy in the U.S., Lorenzo-Calmo's son is at risk of never having proper treatment unless Victoria stays in the country.

"The youngest, 14-month-old baby Jason Lorenzo-Pablo had implant surgery on December 20th," said Thomson, "and from there it requires approximately four years of therapy."

Right now the bills are being covered by Medicaid because they’re U.S. citizens.  But in Guatemala the follow up procedures would cost roughly $25,000, money Victoria’s family doesn't have.  Victoria also says her ex-husband has also threatened her, that if she ever comes back to Guatemala he'll kill her.    

"There are no doctors there that would really be able to take care of this so I’m really afraid that,” Victoria said.  “If I take them over [to Guatemala] they are going to die."

Now Thomson is requesting that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents allow Victoria to stay in the states four more years to allow her son Jason to get proper treatment.

"I am really thankful for my church and for all of the community support and thanking God,” Victoria said Wednesday.  “I don’t care what I need to do, if I have to work all of my life, I just want to be with my children.”