Just in time for the holiday, it appears as though some thieves are after West Michigan residents' banking information. 

Officials with Fifth Third Bank say they started getting phone calls from customers about a strange text message.  Several FOX 17 newsroom employees have reported receiving the text recently.

It reads Fifth Third "B" alert, and has a number for the recipient to call. 

Officials with the bank say they would never attempt to contact customers this via a text message.  They urge everyone not to call the number; instead they say to forward the text to them so they can track whoever is after the recipient’s personal information.

Fifth Third officails say the best thing to do is to think about your financial information like your house key, and don't give it out to strangers.

Employees at the bank have been informed of the scam and are prepared to handle any questions about the text.  At this point officials say they don't know who is responsible for sending the messages.

When FOX 17 called the number a recorded message from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) played saying the number has been disconnected because it may be involved in a phishing scam.

For more information, visit the Fifth Third privacy and security site.