It's "action" time in Grand Rapids once again. Two big name actors are back in West Michigan shooting an action drama called "Gun." It's a movie about the gun smuggling industry.

Since Sunday, actors have been shooting scenes for the film inside "Cocktails" bar on the city's south-west side.

The producer, Randall Emmett, has shot a movie in Grand Rapids before. So have the actors.

Val Kilmer shot in downtown Grand Rapids for a film called Steam Experiment. And Curtis Jackson, otherwise known as 50 Cent, shot Caught in the Crossfire this summer.

"The city was great, the people were great, it was easy to maneuver, so we insisted on coming back here out of anywhere in the country," said Emmett.

Of course, the state offering the highest tax incentives in the country didn't hurt either. They give up to forty two percent cash back to film makers. It's been a controversial topic, especially for state lawmakers, during these tough economic times.

"Coming to Michigan allows you opportunities that maybe you wouldn't even be able to make the movie if you didn't have this kind of incentive," said Emmett.

The more money producers spend locally and the more local people they hire, the more money they get back.

That's why a majority of the crew members are from the area.

They're expected to shoot for the next four weeks at sites throughout Grand Rapids. Those sites include the old Lear building on Alpine Avenue, the JW Marriott and a number of warehouses and bars in the area.

The film is expected to be released in the fall of 2010. It's considered a "low budget" film, costing less than three million dollars.