Whether you're ArtPrized out or just can't seem to get enough, there's no question this first-time event has drawn in a big crowd.

This weekend was no different, except this go-around businesses were prepared to handle it. Weekend 2 of the contest proved to be another rare site. Downtown Grand Rapids was packed on a Sunday with mostly new faces.

No, we're not talking about "Nessie." We're talking about the thousands of people coming downtown for ArtPrize.

Brian Simmons,who gives downtown carriage rides every week, was shocked to see the steady flow of ArtPrize traffic for yet another weekend.

"It's just as crowded. Even with cold weather, it's crowded. Rain, it's crowded. It's amazing. I wish I had that kind of luck to keep people coming here," said Simmons.

Never mind the umbrellas, ArtPrize proves to be a huge draw even as the contest winds down. Heather Zigler from Hastings brought her little girl downtown this weekend to check it out.

"We came down today to look at ArtPrize and look at all the art and introduce her to some fun stuff," she said.

As long as people are here, they're spending some money -- whether it be on parking or hotdogs.

"It's been very steady today. It's probably will go down as one of our best Sundays ever," said business owner Patty Konwinski.

She wasn't expecting the great turnout on opening weekend at her restaurant, The Dog Pit. They were so busy last weekend that they ran out of hotdog supplies.

She says that's not going to happen again. They've been stocking up on everything for the upcoming crowds.

"We're ready. We have plenty of food for this week. Thursday night when they announce the winners it's going to be a big time downtown so we're ready for whatever it brings," said Konwinski.

The contest is now between 10 top finalists. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on the art. Some say the finalists aren't good enough.

"I guess its all the expectation of the person. Everyone's views are going to be different," adds Heather Zigler.

The opinions that matter? The registered voters who will decide who takes home the ArtPrize of $250,000.