Maryland panel names medical marijuana dispensary winners

Brown vs. Board of Education: 50 years later

Remembering the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision that desegregated U.S. public schools

  • Schools' historic ties to an unequal past

    Segregation: All-black facilities, like Queenstown Elementary, gave pupils a firm foundation before the 1954 ruling.

  • 'Inherently unequal'

    The Supreme Court ruling that ended school segregation remains a focus of celebration and debate

  • The promise of the ruling remains largely deferred

    Education: Decades after the landmark court case, the nation's schools are resegregating.

  • Marshall led way to ruling

    Lawyer: The Baltimore native figured prominently in the Brown case - and in the Maryland actions that presaged it.

  • Where we live fuels a divide

    There was a time when Walter Sondheim Jr. held fast to the notion that racially desegregated schools would give way to a racially integrated society. That was 1954. He admits now that he "should have known better." Sondheim was president of the Baltimore school board a half-century ago when in...