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Baltimore Sun data internship description

Division: Newsroom
Position Type: Internship
Position paid or unpaid? Unpaid
Duration: 10 weeks (comprising 120 hours OR specified hour requirements from school)
One-semester data journalism internships are offered on the data desk. Emphasis is on using data to find and tell stories through applications, print graphics and/or written pieces with a strong eye toward building the student's skills and portfolio

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Documents Required
Cover Letter/Resume, Unofficial Transcript, Writing Sample
(Submission of programming, scripting, design and/or visualization samples is also encouraged.)
Semesters offered
Winter/Spring, Summer. In all but exceptional cases, fall internships will not occur. Summer 2014 slots have been filled; we are currently accepting applications for winter/spring/summer 2015 internships

Minimum/Approximate Hours Per Week
12 hours per week (OR specified hour requirements from school)

While experience with HTML is a technical requirement, it is not the only technical requirement: Applicants should have at least some programming or scripting experience in a language other than html/css. Above all, applicants should be willing to learn new things

To apply
To start the application process, send an email to with subject "internship request" for additional application details/requirements.
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