Female Trouble podcast: Shawna Potter, War on Women band (episode 5)

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  • Monthly Jobs Overview

    Monthly Jobs Overview

  • The victims of July violence

    The victims of July violence

    July saw 45 homicides across Baltimore, a toll that matched the deadliest month in the city’s modern history and came amid a violent crime surge that has stretched the entire summer. The killings occurred across the city, overwhelmingly in historically impoverished neighborhoods. The victims included...

  • Maryland's banned license plates

    Maryland's banned license plates

  • Criticism over minor arrests

    Criticism over minor arrests

    African Americans in some Baltimore neighborhoods have long complained that they are unfairly targeted by police for arrests for nuisance crimes. After the ACLU and the NAACP sued police in 2005 over the issue, the city changed its policy and such arrests plummeted. But the issue re-emerged following...

  • Examining post-unrest violent crime in Baltimore

    Examining post-unrest violent crime in Baltimore

    Violent crime in Baltimore has spiked since the April unrest that followed Freddie Gray’s death. Homicides are up 60% and shootings are up 105% year-over-year and the crimes follow predictable trends. Violence is concentrated in neighborhoods that are predominantly African American, and have high...