Well, not only are we stuck here doing this for this meaningless game, Ch. 2 barely comes in on this TV and we have to listen to Randy Cross' "insight" all game. OK, enough complaining. The only thing going for the Bears today is that they can keep the Jets from gaining and AFC wild-card spot. Feel the excitement.

First quarter

Chris Chandler and the Bears will start from his own 17. ... The Bears actually throw on first down as Chandler hits rookie tight end John Gilmore for 15 yards. ... After a short pass and an incompletion, the Bears are called for a penalty and will have to punt, preserving their season-long streak of not scoring on their first drive.

The Bears defense looks good against the Jets early. Alex Brown bats down a pass and then nearly picks it off, Keith Traylor makes two good plays, one where he side-stepped the center and stuffed Jets back Curtis Martin in the backfield. The Jets also are flagged twice during the series, once on the punt, which means they'll will punt again. Bonus. Amhad Merritt lets the punt bounce off his hands and out of bounds around the 18.

I don't expect much e-mail today, outside of this guy who keeps spamming me with "I need to talk to our about your septic tank" in the subject field. For one, I don't have a septic tank, and if I did, I don't think I'd want to discuss it.

Chandler dumps one to Marty Booker for 4 yards and then Chandler takes it himself up the middle for 5. ... Leon Johnson dives up the middle for the first down. ... Booker snares one 15 yards up the field and then Johnson makes a decent run on the left side. ... The Bears are moving down the field, picking up first downs, until Big Cat Williams is called for a leg whip. ... Chandler is then sacked back in Bears' territory and that drive comes to an end. ... Brad Maynard's punt bounces inside the 5 and then rolls sideways out of bounds around the 2.

The Jets aren't backed up for long as Chad Pennington hits Laveranues Colesfor 21 yards, followed by a 4-yard run by Martin.

Second quarter

Pennington hits Coles again, this time for 15 yards. ... Martin runs a couple of times and the Jets are across midfield. ... Pennington throws one to the end zone but Santana Moss is called for offensive pass interference for shoving Roosevelt Williams trying to come back to the ball. ... Pennington throws incomplete but Martin, on third and 15, is close to picking up the first down. He's short and the Jets will go for it at the Bears 41. ... Pennington fumbles the snap and the Bears will take over on downs.

Chandler completes a pass to fullback Stanley Pritchett for 24 yards. ... Johnson then is stuffed for no gain followed by an incompletion and then a false start that backs the Bears up to third and 15. ... They throw underneath and Edinger will come in to try a 53-yard field goal. It's good.

Bears 3, Jets 0

Edinger follows his long field goal by booting the kickoff out of bounds, so the Jets will start at their own 40. ... Phillip Daniels breaks through and sacks Pennington on first down. ... Martin runs for a few and then Pennington sails one high on third and long.

After the punt and an 11-yard return by Merritt, the Bears start at their own 35. ... Here's the dreaded wide-receiver screen to Booker and, as usual, it nets nothing. ... Chandler finds Booker on a crossing pattern for 10 yards and a first down. ... Rookie back Adrian Peterson is in there now and he makes a couple of nice runs. ... Chandler finds Peteron on second and 2 and Peterson picks up 18 yards down to the 16. ... Peterson runs again and fights for a couple. ... Peterson again for 4 yards and that brings us to the two-minute warning. ... On third and 3, Chandler rolls right and hits Gilmore for 5. First and goal at the 5 and the Jets call timeout. ... On the 11th play of the drive, Peterson finds a hole and scores his first NFL touchdown.

Bears 10, Jets 0

The kid looked great on that drive and gets rewarded with the TD. Meanwhile Chandler is 13 of 16 for 121 yards, which is unheard of this year for a Bears quarterback.

Chad Morton nearly breaks the kickoff for a touchdown. I believe Bryan Knight tripped him up. Whoever it was, the Jets have good field position around their own 45. ... However the Jets' offense stalls and go three and out. Wait, scratch that. They did pick up one first down on that drive. But they still ended up punting.

The punt sails through the end zone and the Bears start at their own 20 with 21 seconds left and three timeouts. ... Of course they run the ball up the middle and here come the boos. Halftime.

Third quarter

Here we go, Morton busts the second-half kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown. But, wait, a hold on the Jets negates that. It was Adrian Peterson who was held, so the deflated Jets start at their own 30. ... Martin runs on first and second and picks up about 8 total yards. ... Pennington hits Coles for 12 yards and the Jets convert. ... Pennington then hits Moss close to a first down. ... Martin breaks through the middle, gets a few blocks and is finally brought down by Mike Brown around the 5. A 38-yard gain. But, there's a flag. This one's on the Bears; Brown is called for a face mask on the tackle. ... A false start moves the Jets from first and goal at the 3 to first and goal at the 8. ... Martin breaks a tackle and gets to the 5. ... Pennington hits Wayne Chrebet and Chrebet basically walks into the end zone. That was quick.