"When I went over to talk to Yeardley, she was already like totally freaked out," Huguely says. "'You can't come in here! You can't come in here!'" she said to him. "I'm just trying to talk to you," Huguely says he told her, but she "started being like, really like defensive."

She was standing with her back against the wall and "started like getting all, like, aggressive," he says. "I said 'Yeardley, chill out,' and shook her a little bit. … She started freaking out. I said, 'I'm not going to do anything, I just wanted to talk to you about everything that's ensued the past week.' She was like, 'No, no,'" he says.

"It was not at all a good conversation, because she was already, like, freaking out just even seeing me, even seeing me there," he says.

"She kept hitting her head against the wall," so he "grabbed her and shook her" to make her stop. "I never struck her," he says. "She's like, 'Ahhhhhhhh! Get away from me!'"

They were on her bed at that point, and Love ran over to her desk, he says, telling him, "You have to leave," again and again.

"I was, like, a little bit persistent because of the situation," Huguely says. "I was holding her, but I never struck her or anything." He adds: "I think that's when her nose started to bleed actually."

Reeves asks him about their relationship and an altercation he had with Love a week earlier.

"We broke up because she wasn't really sure," he begins, trailing off. Love had plans to go to New York after graduation that spring, and he was thinking about San Francisco.

"So we sort of, like, broke up … but we're still hanging out and everything," he says. Then Love took a trip to the University of North Carolina with her roommates, where a young man she was occasionally involved with lived.

"She sends me a text message" saying she slept with man, Huguely says. Then she burst into his apartment when she got back, he says, loudly accusing him of infidelity and swinging her purse at him.

"She just starts hitting me in the face," Huguely says, adding that he never touched her. "I'm like, 'Listen, you have to like stop hitting me.'" His roommate's girlfriend eventually dragged Love out, he says.

He went to Love's on May 2 to talk it all out, he says.

Reeves asks him how he got through Love's bedroom door. He pauses for a moment.

"Actually," he says, "it might have been locked. It was, actually, it was locked. I think I [broke in]," he says. "Because I wanted to talk to her."

Prosecutors entered the door into evidence Friday, revealing a hole about 6 inches in diameter next to the knob, where Huguely had kicked it. "Then I just stuck my hand through and unlocked it," he says on the tape, adding that he knocked first.

He had sent Love a half-dozen emails saying he wanted to talk, but she was ignoring them.

When he entered her room, Love was wearing a T-shirt and underpants, he says, though roommates have testified that she was naked from the waist up when they left her in bed for the night, and when they found her later.

Her bedroom lights were off. "She was, like, either asleep or doing something," Huguely says.

"So I went in there to talk to her, and she was very, like, on edge," he says. "'I don't want to talk,'" he says she told him. But eventually they did, "about so many things," he says, including "what she did last week, how she attacked me."

Love had backed herself into a bedroom corner, Huguely says. "I'm pretty sure that she was very defensive because she knew how upset I was about what she did."