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Annapolis man charged in string of accidents

A 29-year-old Annapolis man who police say drove away from four automobile accidents in a row while drunk before finally crashing into a home on Friday has been arrested.

Eric Castronova was located by police fleeing on foot from the 700 block of Bywater Road in Annapolis, where he'd left his green Ford Expedition crashed into a home, police said.

Their finding him ended a string of calls from people who had been in car accidents involving the same vehicle.

Annapolis police provided the following details:

The first call came at 1:58 p.m., and officers responded to an accident in the area of Hilltop Lane and Boxwood Road. There they found only one vehicle and one driver, who said the other driver had left in a green Ford Expedition.

Then police received another call about an accident at Forest Drive and Gemini Drive, also involving a driver in a green Ford Expedition who left the scene.

Then two more calls came in, for accidents at Forest Drive and South Cherry Grove and at Forest Drive and Bywater Road. Both were determined to have involved a driver in a green Expedition.

And finally, police got a call that a green Ford Expedition had crashed into a house on Bywater Road.

When they arrived, bystanders pointed out Castronova fleeing on foot.

Castronova was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while intoxicated, first-degree and second-degree assault and four counts of leaving the scene of an accident.

He's also been given multiple traffic citations.

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