Judge dismisses $5 million HarborView lawsuit over mold

A $5 million lawsuit brought by a Baltimore penthouse condo owner over mold in his unit was recently dismissed by a Baltimore Circuit Court judge in favor of the waterfront property's condo association.

The condo owner, Paul G. Clark, bought a penthouse unit at auction at the HarborView off Key Highway for $1.15 million in 2009. He later sued the condo association and property manager, Zalco Realty Inc., at the 27-story building over a water leak that he claimed damaged his unit and caused mold.

But Judge Lawrence P. Fletcher-Hill ruled in favor of the condo association, in an opinion written last month but released earlier this month. The judge wrote that the condo association could not be held liable under the Maryland Consumer Protection Act because it had fulfilled the obligations it had to the condo buyer when the unit was sold.



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