Battlefield medical technology

Sun special reports on the U.S. military's use of tourniquets and different types of bandages in combat zones

  • HemCon, QuikClot

    HemCon, QuikClot

    About 200,000 of the HemCon bandages are to be distributed to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force distribute QuikClot.

  • Evacuating an injured Marine

    Evacuating an injured Marine

    Marine Lance Cpl. Mike Meyer is evacuated after being shot during a firefight south of Baghdad, Iraq, in 2003. Military branches are divided over what to use to stanch bleeding on the battlefield.

  • HemCon vs. QuickClot

    HemCon vs. QuickClot

  • Stanching wounds

    Other military branches question effectiveness of bandages Army issues to stop severe bleeding

  • U.S. military widening use of tourniquets

    Army, Marines to make tools standard equipment; Data indicates they save lives; 172,000 on way to Iraq, Afghanistan, maker says

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