Voters approved a $1-an-hour increase in the state minimum wage and approved an initiative aimed at requiring parental notice if minors seek abortions. Also, voters agreed to bar licensing of physicians who commit three or more incidents of medical malpractice.


Amendment passed to establish constitutional right to hunt and fish.


Initiative failed to overturn six-year-old voter-approved ban on using cyanide in mining operations. In others, voters banned gay marriage, legalized medical marijuana.


A plan to legalize two casinos was rejected.


Voters bolstered nation's toughest law banning gay marriage with even broader constitutional amendment against civil unions, despite fears from businesses that it would make it more difficult to hire and retain top talent.


Voters approved constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and measure giving state some authority over Indian casinos - and a share of profits.

South Carolina

Voters agreed to let state end requirement that bars and restaurants serve liquor only from mini-bottles like those on airplanes.


Voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, despite vigorous opposition from critics who said it would endanger Utah's common-law marriage statute.


Voters backed constitutional amendment expanding list of successors to governor in event of an emergency.


Voters rejected a 1-cent sales tax increase for education and turned down a proposal to allow state-funded charter schools.

West Virginia

Measure passed to authorize state to pay bonuses to veterans who served in Kosovo, Afghanistan or Iraq.


Voters rejected constitutional amendment to allow Legislature to put caps on medical malpractice damage awards.

- Associated Press