Secrecy hurts

Sun Staff

Auto safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hasrefused to provideconsumer groups withdata on defective autoparts and rolloverpropensities.

Energy policyThe Bush administrationcontinues to fight effortsby activists to identifyindustry officials whohelped Vice PresidentDick Cheney develop anational energy plan.

Transportation safety

Firefighters fear aproposal to removehazardous material labelsfrom train cars andtractor-trailers for nationalsecurity reasons couldmake dealing withaccidents far moredangerous.

Medical malpractice

In many states, it is difficultto access basicinformation on patientcomplaints about doctorsand possible malpracticesuits.

Presidential records

Historians trying tounderstand and explainour past have facedroadblocks when seekingWhite House policyrecords.

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