1995 series: Fatal secrets in Honduras

A four-part investigative Sun series describing how the Central Intelligence Agency helped train and equip a Honduran military battalion that tortured and executed civilians during a crackdown on suspected subversives during the early 1980s.

June 18, 1995

A Carefully Crafted Deception

A dangerous truth confronted John Dimitri Negroponte as he prepared to take over as U.S. ambassador to Honduras late in 1981.

June 15, 1995

A Survivor Tells Her Story

Day after day, for 78 days, Ines Consuelo Murillo was tortured by a secret Honduran military intelligence unit called Battalion 316.

June 13, 1995

Torturers' Confessions

TORONTO -- Jose Barrera gulped down a double shot of Sambuca before he began to talk about his past as a torturer and murderer.

June 11, 1995

Unearthed: Fatal Secrets

The search for Nelson Mackay Chavarria - family man, government lawyer, possible subversive - began one Sunday in 1982 after he devoured a pancake breakfast and stepped out to buy a newspaper.

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