Monique Perkins, Baltimore: I'm considering planting some rose bushes and azaleas. Will the cicada destroy them?

Stroh: Flowers and shrubs are usually safe, since cicadas do most of their living and loving in tree limbs. Only owners of young, newly-planted trees need to be concerned.

Angela Pell, Columbia: Will there gradually be an increase in quantity of cicadas? I am getting married in Savage on May 30 and was wondering if there will be as many cicadas on May 20 as on our wedding date. We haven't formally decided to move the ceremony indoors.

Roylance: There will be more as May goes by, and more of them will be singing. There should be quite a racket by the 30th.

Rob, York, Pa: Are cicadas good bait for fly fishing trout?

Roylance: You bet. If they're not already stuffed, the fish will love 'em.

Annette Klein, Baltimore: Do the cicadas make their horrendous noise only when the sun shines? Does the noise last from sunrise to sunset? Is it less on cloudy days?

Roylance: Cicadas are less active at night, and thankfully they'll quiet down in time for people to go to sleep. Cloudy days won't make much difference.

Father James McCurry, O.F.M. Conv., Ellicott City: I really do not have a question; however I wrote a wee limerick about the cicada, and thought you might enjoy it. Here goes:
"There was a cicada named Ada.
It sat on my roasted potatuh.
At lunch as I munched,
I heard a big crunch.
Poor Ada Cicada! I ate huh!"

Thank you for your questions.