Kate, Maryland: Do they bite and aren't they going to hurt animals?

Stroh: Cicadas don't bite. And they don't hurt animals -- at least not intentionally. Dogs and cats love to munch on cicadas. And sometimes they eat so many they vomit.

Jackie Adams, Aberdeen: Are they really going to be so bad that they will be flying in my hair and landing on me?

Stroh: They might if you live in a place where lots of Brood X cicadas call home.

Kim Wu, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Is it true that cicadas cycle every 17 years? I remember growing up in Asia (Malaysia) and they come around every year.

Stroh: There are two general types of cicadas. Annual or "dog day" cicadas are the ones you can hear each year on late summer afternoons. They live all over the world. Periodical cicadas, on the other hand, only emerge every 13 or 17 years, depending on the species. Periodicals are only found in Eastern North America.

Matt, Baltimore: How long are cicadas?

Stroh: Adult cicadas are typically 1 to 2 inches long.

Michelle, Baltimore: Do you suggest the people stay at home from work or travel if they take mass transit?

Stroh: Cicadas should have no impact on commuters.

Hadassah Beck, Baltimore: I have only been in Baltimore for about 6 years and am deathly afraid of bugs in general. How bad does it truly get and how long will it really last?

Stroh: How bad it gets depends on where you live and how many trees you have around you. But take solace in this fact: The bugs don't last long. By July 1 or so they should all be dead.

Maria, Pikesville: Will my puppy get sick if she eats any? ?

Stroh: If she pigs out, she might, so you might want to keep your dog away from cicadas. Although vets say that even animals that do indulge aren't likely to die. It's more like a case of doggie indigestion.

Cathy, Louisville, Ky.: I am scared of the cicadas. Do they stay in the trees or swarm around you?

Stroh: Cicadas don't swarm in the sense that angry bees swarm. Cicadas are notoriously bad fliers and, like a drunk on the sidewalk, are more likely to bump into you by accident than with any kind of ill intent.

Dillon, Ferndale: If the temperature the cicadas need to come out of the ground is 64 degrees, shouldn't they be out? It got in the 80s yesterday.

Stroh: You're right. It has been hot recently. But air temperature and soil temperature are two different things and it takes time for the soil to warm up.

Lala, Westminster: What geographic area can we expect to see the cicadas in?

Roylance: In Maryland, anywhere except western Garrett County, Southern Maryland and most of the Eastern Shore. Brood X cicadas will also be emerging in parts of 15 other states from New Jersey to Tennessee.