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Sun coverage: Amish school shooting

Sun coverage of the fatal shooting of 5 girls at an Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County, Pa.

  • Charles Carl Roberts IV

    Charles Carl Roberts IV

    Charles Carl Roberts IV

  • Amish tragedy

    Review The Sun's summary of the Amish school shootings .

  • Daily routine helps keep mind on school

    A few miles from tragedy, teacher and students draw comfort from the order of Amish life

  • Families' grieving begins

    In a single-file line, an Amish family of seven solemnly made its way across a wide, green field. When they finally touched the asphalt road on the other side, the young boy leading the way reached back for his father's hand and they entered the Ebersole home to pay their respects.

  • Only 5% survive gunshot wounds to head

    The nine Amish girls shot in the head Monday by a deranged milk truck driver faced long odds: National statistics show that only 5 percent of people who sustain such gunshot wounds survive them.

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