Specter predicts tough road for Obama in Pa.

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Former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter returned to Capitol Hill Tuesday morning where he had spent 30 years representing Pennsylvania before losing in the Democratic primary last year. Now from his view on the outside looking in, Specter said Pennsylvania will be difficult for President Barack Obama in next year's election.

"I think it is tough, I think Pennsylvania's economy is hurting," Specter said in a brief interview outside the Senate Judiciary panel hearing room where he had just testified.

Specter referenced dredging at the Port of Philadelphia, a project he said he secured $77 million for when he was in Washington, but that the Corps of Engineers has reprogrammed $55 million of it.

"There are thousands of jobs at stake," Specter said. "(Obama) has to become engaged in issues like that if he wants to carry the state…that money was taken from us and he hasn’t done anything about it."

"He's going to have to have his attention to practical matters like that if he’s going to be re-elected," Specter concluded.

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