My Fuzzy Friend: Megan Balliet & Charlton Heston

-Name: Megan Balliet -Age: 27 -Hometown: Northampton -Type of pet: Dog -Name: Charlton Heston -Age: 1 year old -Breed: Cockapoo -Male or female? Male -Why he is my friend: We share similar interests: trail and creek walking, lounging, food, etc. Plus, we're each other's biggest fans. "Charlie" makes great company. -Describe in four words: Lovable, ENERGETIC, intelligent, and sort of naughty. -Best trait: He's a charmer. Everybody loves him. -Personality: Happy-go-lucky with a touch of class. -A funny story: I once watched "Charlie" clean a stink bug right out of its shell. He couldn't decide whether he should stop what he was doing or not. The process involved him first trying to eat the bug, then completely repulsing himself and spazzing out, he would then run away from the bug but ultimately go back to try to eat it again as if it would taste better this time (note: this process was repeated several times.) When it was all said and done, all that was left was a shell and a few legs. Gross but that's my "Charlie". -Likes more than anything: Playing, Wubba, ball and rope and cheese of any type. -Any tricks? Haha. We're still learning. Charlie sits well.

-Silly names you call him: He goes by Charlie and sometimes Charlie Brown, and of course C. Hest -Shows affection by: His over exaggerated greetings, nestling at your feet or laying in your lap, and rolling over for a belly rub. -Will usually be found: Right at your side ¿¿¿ Charlie does a great shadow impersonation. -Likes to be rubbed: On his belly or roughing up his curly head. -Favorite toy? We stick with anything durable. "Charlie" is a big fan of his wubba. -Loves this treat: Charlie has never met a treat he didn't like. Special treats include honey nut cheerios, cheese and golden bears. -Terrified of: The vacuum, but we're getting better. Charlie is usually scared of everything at first but then warms up to it. -Worst habit: "Charlie" is still in his puppy chewing stage and prefers hands as his chewing toy of choice. -Any health scares? Nope -Where sleeps: On the top of my couch like a cat. What a bum. -Best pet friend: Charlie loves my Aunt's dog, Ruby but she doesn't return the love. He also loves meeting new dogs when he's out and about. -Strange but true: No matter how much we feed "Charlie", he's always hungry and on the prowl for the next tasty thing. For such a small dog, he has quite a voracious appetite.

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