Majority PAC ad hits Smith on eliminating Department of Education

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The super PAC striving to keep Senate Democrats in the majority released its Pennsylvania ad Wednesday morning hitting Republican Tom Smith for wanting to "eliminate the Department of Education."

The Majority PAC spot is running in the Pittsburgh media market where it is more likely Smith could siphon votes from Bob Casey than in the less conservative Southeast. It's topic, education, is clearly intended to reach middle class, independent and women voters whose strong turn out would be the key to Casey's re-election.

Majority PAC cites a forum during the Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary when Smith was asked about eliminating funding for the Department of Education and responded, "Absolutely."

The ad touts Casey's support for increased education funding - Casey has long been a leading proponent of early childhood education - and a female narrator says that under Smith there'd be "less money in our classrooms, fewer children in Head Start and less aid for college students."

As first reported yesterday, Majority PAC is run by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's former chief of staff, and their sudden interest in the Pennsylvania Senate race, once considered a lock for Casey, is evidence that Democrats are nervous about losing the seat.

Updated: Jim Conroy, Smith's campaign manager, responded to the ad:

“With his support crumbling, Bob Casey has turned to Washington’s most well-known liberal to bail him out with more misleading attacks.  The truth is that Tom Smith, whose wife taught in public schools for 38 years, would strengthen local education by reducing the unfunded mandates and bloated federal bureaucracy Casey supports and returning those dollars to the classroom.”



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