Grape Harvest in France

A labourer gathers grapes during a harvest at a vineyard on the island of Bozcaada in Turkey on September 4 ,2013. Off the coast from the mythical city of Troy, the Turkish island of Bozcaada has an ancient tradition of wine making that is both a source of cultural pride and important for local tourism. However many people on the wine-producing island feel their culture is now threatened by the conservative AKP ruling party's new legislation on alcohol which amongst other measures bans the sale of alcohol near all schools and mosques countrywide and bans its sale from 10 pm to 6 pm. The conservatice ruling party's culture is a sharp contrast to the island's traditional wine-producing culture and its grape harvest festival celebrations, which mark the grape harvest season from August to September and are prepared by the Bozcaada Municipality each year on the first weekend of September.
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