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Freeze sauce and save

Back in January, we shared another tip for coffee drinkers from Pam Halteman of East Rockhill Township.

Pam freezes her coffee creamer in ice cube trays. Otherwise, some of the container would go bad before she's used it all. And she's a little bit skittish about the types of coffee flavorings that just sit on a shelf without refrigeration.

That tip prompted a response from Shirley Loch in Ballietsville. She has a similar money-saving idea, but it pertains to your nighttime bowl of pasta, not your morning cup of coffee.

"I have been doing the same thing with pasta sauce for many years," Shirley said. "A jar of sauce is too much for me for one meal so I put it in plastic Ice cube trays to freeze. The cubes come out easily with a twist. I then bag them and take some out as needed."

Some of you are probably planning a trip to the dollar store to stock up on ice-cube trays right now. You might even want to find a bigger freezer.

"I also sometimes add some browned ground beef or mushrooms to the sauce before I freeze and package," Shirley said.

A few more things for your shopping list.

We made a demonstration video so you can see how to make your own sauce cubes at Shirley was too camera shy to star in the production.

Like Pam's creamer tip, Shirley's tip can help those living alone or small families to get the discounts of buying a perishable food item in bulk without the risk of waste. How many times have you purchased a large food item to save, only to end up throwing much of it away?

We did some number-crunching in the On The Cheap lab and figure this tip would save you $229.68 over 20 years if it prevents you from letting sauce go bad. We assumed you use about two 24-ounce jars of sauce each month.

Readers are still getting excited about Ed Legg's tip for keeping razors sharp by treating them with a little WD-40 between uses. But the excitement is more about the WD-40 than the sharp blades.

Loraine Pavelek of Nazareth wrote in with the following for all you snow heavers, because we know everyone is hoping for one more chance to get out there and clear the walk and driveway before spring arrives.

"This is not a money-saving tip, just something I do with WD-40," Loraine said. "Before I go out to shovel snow, I spray the shovel with WD-40 and the snow slides off the shovel and doesn't stick to it. Hope this is a worthwhile hint."

Of course it is, Loraine. And if it saves your back and keeps you out of the doctor's office, it's a money-saver, too.

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Don't waste sauce

Cheapster: Shirley Loch

Tip: Freeze unused sauce

Estimates savings: $229.68

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