What has happened to America's compassion?

How far we as a country have fallen! Once looked on as a beacon of freedom and decency, we are now a nation up in arms, making all sorts of crazy accusations over 50,000-plus children fleeing their countries' violence and poverty, caused in large part by our ill-fated war on drugs and NAFTA. It is claimed by those against allowing the children into this country that the kids are gang-bangers, they have Ebola, they look dangerous, and — here's the best one — they are potential Democratic voters.

People of Escondido, Calif., U.S. Rep. Barletta, the tea party protesters at KidsPeace here in the Lehigh Valley, what is wrong with you? Have you lost all sense of decency? Most of you claim to be Christians but what part of the New Testament says to cast helpless children to the wolves? What would Jesus do? What would a decent human being do?

I know my few words here aren't going to change many of you. However, I would challenge each of you who feel this hatred toward these children to turn off all those hate-mongers on TV and radio for a few months and see how you feel about life then.

John Sise


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