Ultimate Guide to the World: Scotland

Scottish borders When the pound was worth $2 about a year ago, many people believed they could never again afford to visit Britain. Since then, the British currency has plummeted to a seven-year low, meaning now is the time to check out flights to Heathrow. London's cool, 250-year-old Kew Gardens is blooming, and Shakespeare still haunts Stratford-upon-Avon. But I'm putting my money on Scotland, especially the border country, an easy drive south of Edinburgh. The region, beloved by Sir Walter Scott, who lived at Abbotsford House near the town of Melrose, is still as gloriously wild and woolly as when it was a lair for outlaws, known as reivers. Related story: Scotland's Tweed Valley: Over the river, through the wood Related photos: A walk through Scotland's Tweed Valley and Training dogs at Scotland's famed Gleneagles Hotel The river Tweed at Coldstream, Scotland, in the area known as the Scottish Borders.
Mick Knapton
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