Mister Roberts

“Mister Roberts” A huge hit on Broadway, this World War II-era comedy also scored with movie critics and audiences in 1955. Directed by John Ford, who was replaced in mid-production by Mervyn LeRoy, the comedy set in 1945 features the heartwarming performance of its Broadway star Henry Fonda in the title role — a cargo officer on board “The Bucket,” a Navy supply ship stationed near a South Pacific island, far removed from the fighting. A kind, intelligent officer, he often butts heads with the tyrannical captain (James Cagney) when the man berates his crew. Jack Lemmon received a supporting actor Oscar for his happy-go-lucky turn as Ensign Pulver, Roberts’ roomie who is the ship’s morale officer and a notorious womanizing go-getter. And the legendary William Powell of “The Thin Man” fame bring his tremendous comedic skill to his final film role as the boat’s veteran “Doc.” As funny as “Roberts” is, make sure you have tissues on hand for the final moments.
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