Uli boards

Last Monday morning, I was splashed by a mullet when it leapt at least five feet out of the water in a crazy attempt to fly. I cruised alongside a guy who casually reached down and picked up a Frisbee-sized jellyfish. I stood within four inches of the long, thin beak of a pelican resting on a buoy; it looked at me and yawned. You get a wondrous workout of wind, water and wildlife when you push off into Newport Bay. On a recent day, after lessons from Jim Smiley of Paddle Power, I headed around Balboa Island in sit-down kayaks that let you paddle and pedal, then cruised along on trendy stand-up paddle boards, balancing on two feet like a Venice gondolier. From your shoulders down to the soles of your gripping feet, these innovative paddle craft deliver an all-body, all-sensory workout you won't soon forget. -- Roy M. Wallack
Uli Boards
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