Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Costumes ' Star Wars: The Clone Wars' It’s animated, so technically there aren’t any real costumes in “Clone Wars.” But since everyone wears some kind of clothing or armor in the movie, it won’t be disqualified. Design has always been a category in which the “Star Wars” films excel, and this one is no exception. The Clone Trooper armor is one of the few movie costumes that also looks good on the average “Star Wars” fan. ' Tropic Thunder' Vietnam-era army uniforms and typical Hollywood power outfits. Neither inspires much in terms of good memories or warm and fuzzy feelings. The costumes fill their roles, but we were too busy studying the amazing amounts of hair applied to Tom Cruise’s hands and arms to remember what he was wearing. WINNER: “Star Wars” is still the best-looking thing in the galaxy.
Lucasfilm Ltd.
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