If you liked "Paranormal Activity," keep an eye out for . . . "Frozen"

We shuddered at the prospect of a supernatural intruder poking around our house while we slept. Now we could be shivering -- literally -- at the fear that takes hold when a group gets stranded on a ski chairlift. That's the premise of the low-budget horror film "Frozen," which premieres at the (appropriately) snowy Sundance Film Festival next month and opens in theaters Feb. 5. "It plays on a lot of primal fears -- fear of heights, fear of getting stuck, fear of freezing to death," says writer-director Adam Green. Making it even more chilling: Green says the actors went through an ordeal of their own. "It's all practical filmmaking," Green says. "When you see [the actors] freezing, they're really freezing." Another one-word-title horror movie, "Buried," could also be a possible Sundance breakout -- it's about a man trapped in a coffin underground who must use little more than a lighter and his wits to escape.
Fred Hayes / Frostbite Features
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