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Tom Wilkinson, Best Supporting Actor nom for 'Michael Clayton'

Tom Wilkinson, who earned a best supporting actor nomination for his role in “Michael Clayton,” was polishing a pair of shoes, preparing for a family vacation to New York when he heard the news. “I’m delighted,” he said. “It’s absolutely thrilling.” Wilkinson said he couldn't imagine the awards show being held if the writers strike was still going on. And he expected most actors would refuse to cross the picket line if strikers protested the ceremony. “It’s part of my background,” he said by phone from London. “I’ve stood on picket lines. I think writers have got a legitmate grievance. It should be sorted out swiftly. I can’t really understand why it has taken such a long time.... For heaven’s sake, if actors can’t have solidarity with writers -- the people who put the words in their mouths -- then who can they have solditary with?” -- Gina Piccalo, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Myles Aronowitz / Warner Bros.
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