"Weird Science" and "s1m0ne" BASE MODEL: Lisa, the Barbie doll-turned-hypersexualized mastermind of John Hughes' 1985 teen comedy "Weird Science," provided sound advice for hapless geeks and also knew how to throw a party. Powered by mysterious forces, Lisa (played by Kelly LeBrock), could somehow make anything happen, including turning future blockbuster star Bill Paxton into a "turd monster." UPDATE: "Simone," the virtual star of the Al Pacino comedy, had no fancy powers. But then again, she only had to deal with the very un-geeky Pacino. UPGRADE: More of a downgrade, really. "Weird Science's" Lisa may have been born from a doll, but she was obviously the most self-aware character in the entire film. By contract, Simone may have been a sensation on screen, but her actual powers were only of inspiration. No turd monsters for Pacino. Pity.
Universal / New Line Cinema
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