R.I.P.: Heidi Montag’s fashion line

R.I.P.: Heidi Montag’s fashion line Eulogy: Taking a cue from other self-branding blonds like Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad, MTV reality Barbie “Heidi Montag” launched a clothing line called Heidiwood. Think shiny satin short shorts and zebra print tank tops. Each item was priced between $10 and $60. And it showed. Heidiwood will be off the racks next year; parent company Anchor Blue opted not to renew Montag’s contract. Will we miss it? The Fug Girls put it best: “Only two of the 12 items have sleeves, and just one — a pair of jeans — extends past mid-thigh.” These garments cater to a very – ahem – specific demographic. The majority of women will do just fine without.
John Shearer / WireImage.com
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