Intro, Sarah Palin

By Elizabeth Snead, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Gov. Sarah Palin’s no-nonsense style was the surprise hit of the Republican Convention. She had a fresh air about her next to First Lady Laura Bush and Cindy McCain in their Oscar de la Renta suits, Chanel watches and Stuart Weitzman heels. Palin's look is definitely "take-me-seriously," with pulled-back secretarial hair, neutral (but not muted) makeup and rimless glasses. Palin updated her eyewear in December, forgoing her “schoolmarm” dark frames for new titanium rimless glasses that seem to open up her face and make her eyes look brighter. Okay, so a Boston hairdresser has called her hairstyle “20 years out of date.” Miss Wasilla 1984 prefers figure flattering cropped jackets with nipped waists, worn over slim skirts that show off her running legs. The big question is how she will update her look, as the election draws near and a possible formal inaugural looms? Will she lighten up the dark eyeshadow and too-obvious lip liner? It’s probably not advisable. Trend forecaster Tom Julian, official fashion voice for the for over a decade, doesn’t think Palin should frouff up drastically. “A complete head-to-toe makeover might make her look more acceptable for the fashion magazines," Julian explains. "But it would also cause voters to doubt her authentic loner image.” “And she should definitely not take her fashion cues from Cindy McCain who is a totally couture, 7th avenue fashion plate,” adds Julian. “Perhaps a line like American designer Ralph Lauren would answer all Gov. Palin’s needs.“ What could be more all-American than Ralph Lauren? Only Wal-Mart. Related: Cindy McCain: Politics of fashion Michelle Obama: Politics of fashion Hillary Clinton: Politics of fashion
Daniel Acker / Bloomberg News
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