Leighton Meester

By Elizabeth Snead, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer What single accessory can make you look like a pirate, an Indian, a 1920s flapper, a preppy, an heiress, the "girl next door," an Amazon warrior, a Greek goddess, a washerwoman or a recovering brain surgery patient? A headband. It all depends on the way you wear it. Let's do a quick Hollywood head count: "Gossip Girl" Leighton Meester's Upper East Side hair band, Amy Winehouse's London washerwoman kerchief, Keith Richard's classic rocker skull scarf, Juliette Lewis' tribal ties, Vanessa Hudgens' Pochantas prop, Mary-Kate Olsen's rehab head wrap, Naomi Campbell's bald patch camo, Ashley Judd's flapper 'do, Jennifer Lopez's brain bandage, Sharon Stone's Norma Desmond 'do. With summer's sizzling headband season finally upon us, let's look at the stars who were fit to be tied (Kristen Bell, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Dakota Fanning) and stars who really tied one on (Heidi Klum, Shakira, Brooke Shields, Ashton Kutcher, and -- Michael Jackson?
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